You’re ready to go on a survival adventure, so you must get prepared by adding the right survival knife to your gear. Survival knives come in different types and are suitable for various uses.

  • Boot Knives: These knives are small and have fixed blades. They’re usually hidden in your boots for easy access. Some people also prefer to hang them to belts or wear them around the neck.
  • Hunting Knives: These have thin and sharp blades to kill your hunting game. They excel at cutting performance and should always be kept in the sheath to avoid accidents.
  • Buck Knives: These are considered to be multi-purpose knives that can be used in various situations. However, most people prefer to use them for skinning their hunting games.
  • Combat Knives: These are popular among soldiers who want to travel lightly without their heavyweight weapons. These are lightweight knives that can be used in combat or for other activities.
  • Folding Knives: If you’re looking for a discrete knife, then you need to opt for a folding survival knife. It can easily fit into your pocket, although the blade might not be as strong as a boot knife.

With all these fantastic options, you must think about your needs before buying a new survival knife for your upcoming adventure.