In a survival situation, the right gear will draw the line between life and death. A good knife can actually save your life. It will help you catch food, gather plants, even cut ropes to set up your tent for the night. But after buying an excellent survival knife, you must learn how to keep it in top shape. Here are some tips that help you maintain your survival knife and keep it sharp.

  • Use your knife properly. Just because your knife’s blade is sharp enough to cut through several materials, you shouldn’t use it against hard surfaces. Always make sure that you use a soft mat while cutting meat or wood.
  • When you’re not using your survival knife, you can cover the carbon blade with oil to keep it ready for your next adventure.
  • Use a whetstone to sharpen steel blades. Whetstones come in various shapes that suit different kinds of steel blades.
  • Honing steel is enough to fix minor scratches on the blade. If you feel that the blade is scratched and doesn’t cut properly, a few runs on honing steel will restore its condition.

Take care of your survival knife, and it will take good care of you.